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OntoHR in a Nutshell

OntoHR is a personnel selection and training platform that takes an individualized approach to the assessment and development of job knowledge.
On the basis of cutting edge semantic technology, OntoHR provides detailed personalized assessment and training of essential technical competencies and related job knowledge elements that are required for a certain position.

Current employee selection practices concentrate on broad educational qualifications and personality tests. These, however, are too crude for purposes of personnel selection. Therefore the OntoHR approach utilizes job knowledge as a predictor of future Job Performance. Job knowledge, as opposed to personality, has the major advantage of being malleable, thus allowing for a person centered approach to personnel selection. With the help of novel semantic technology, applicants’ real previous experiences (both professional and educational) are evaluated against specific job requirements (General Mental Ability (GMA) and job knowledge based technical competencies) for a particular position (see Figure below).

What does OntoHR offer?

  • Customizable, adaptive job knowledge test
  • General Mental Ability test
  • Applicant ranking based on integrated Job Knowledge and GMA test performance
  • Automatic and tailored e-Learning content delivery on the basis of test results
  • Cutting-edge semantic technology for job knowledge structuring, testing and, evaluation
Benefits for Organizations
  • OntoHR is a powerful tool to pre-select applicants
  • Applicants are evaluated and ranked based on their real, valid job knowledge, resulting in greater person – job demands – abilities fit.
  • OntoHR cuts selection and initial training costs, by its enhanced applicant – position matching and personalized training modules.
  • Tests are customized to the requirements of a particular position
  • Tests are adaptive and fully personalized
  • Based on the evaluation a personal training programme is offered to applicants.
  • The OntoHR concept is based on years of solid academic research in the fields of HRM and IT.
Benefits for Applicants
  • Easy to access, online interface
  • Easy to use and straightforward test environment
  • Comprehensive presentation of results
  • Personalized learning plan for knowledge deficiencies
  • Supports fair and ethical testing

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